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Dedicated to assisting individuals and families faced with the many challenges of fighting cancer.


Dedicated to assisting individuals and families faced with the many challenges of fighting cancer.

Robbie’s Story

Robert Arthur Zimmerer, had his whole life ahead of him.

After graduating with his degree in business from Wesley College, he continued to follow his love and passion for golf. His successes on the golf course at Wallkill Valley High School and Wesley College led him to his career path that he loved, being an assistant manager at Golf Galaxy. Shortly after graduating, he met his future wife. His life and future plans changed in April, 2013.

At the age of 24, Rob was diagnosed with a rare form of colon cancer that metastasized to his liver. Being so young, the cancer went undetected and untreated until underlying health issues surfaced which required medical attention.

No matter what age, no one wants to hear their loved one has cancer, but this type of cancer occurring in such a young person made this normally harsh reality even worse.

Rob, being the person he was, took this disease in stride. Even with the odds stacked up against him, Rob continued to live his life as normally as he could. He never wanted cancer to win. While he endured numerous rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, and multiple surgeries, he continued to redefine the true meaning of “living” and became a genuine inspiration to all who knew him.

After a brutal two and a half year battle with stage IV colon cancer, Rob passed away October 12, 2015, just 3 weeks after his 27th birthday.


Our Vision

From the time of his first diagnosis in April 2013 until his ultimate passing in October 2015, Rob Zimmerer fought colon cancer with grace and dignity.
The way Rob lived his life and how he fought this horrible disease touched so many lives of his family, friends, and acquaintances.

Rob taught all of us to treasure the good things we have in life, to accept the challenges that confront us, to face adversity with courage and, most importantly, to never give up. The Friends of Robbie Foundation has structured around the principle that “No one fights alone.”

When it comes to cancer, the Foundation is devoted to assisting individuals and families who are faced with the challenges that fighting this awful disease presents.

We are committed to aiding families in our community who are confronting acute financial need due to disease, tragedy or hardship. The Foundation is also dedicated to assisting young men and women in pursuing their academic and career goals through donations and scholarships. By accomplishing these goals, The Friends of Robbie Foundation will perpetuate Rob’s legacy while positively influencing the lives of others.

The Friends of Robbie Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Our Team

Ryan Mitchener

Jennifer Janis

Mike Harris
Vice President

Rick Zimmerer

Erica Sadosky

Paul Papadopolous

Kurt Walton